Precision Fiber Splicing, our fiber splicing division, are experts in the field, certified in design, installation, testing and maintenance of Passive Optical Networks (PON). DWDM and FTTx requirements are getting the most out of each fiber.  testing and documentation from base OTDR loss and power readings up to chromatic (dispersion) and polarization mode dispersion will insure you will get the most from each strand today and tomorrow.

Twisted pair, the under appreciated workhorse of communications for decades, is still one of the most cost effective means of delivering bandwidth to customers.  With today’s technology, proper design and solid maintenance procedures copper will serve your customers well for years to come.  New deployment, PIC or paper and pulp, modular or individual IDC, cut sheets and records, maintenance testing and troubleshooting, JCCI splicers have what it takes to deliver the optimized dialtone required for todays low loss, high bandwidth services.

Splicing fiber, splicing copper and coax, or installing today’s voice, data and video services our technicians will deliver quality and value, safely and to specifications, on time, and within budget.